Why Anyone Needs a Therapy…

When it comes down to people who live in huge metropolitan areas such as NYC, Chicago or LA, stress becomes an inevitability and a thing that you will have no choice but deal with at some point in your life.

How It All Started?

Founded at the end of the 70s by a group of fellow Yale university alumni, we’ve been providing various counseling services for thousands of people ever since.
With our main marketing strategy being the word of mouth, you can see there how good we are and how often do people get referred to us by either friends, family members or colleagues.
Experienced Coaches
I’ve been visiting a lot of different therapists after my husband deceased, but only Julia was able to get me back on track! She is just a miracle worker, especially when it comes to working with people with strong anxiety disorders…
Gary Lewis
My teenage son Harry suffered from a huge anxiety disorder since he was 8. Luckily, one of my friends recommended me this counseling group and after just a year of sessions, he was absolutely back to normal!
Nickie O`Malley
After my parents both suffered from some tragic events recently, I was all cloaked in depression. Thank God such good therapists as these exist, helping people in severely anxious conditions to spring back to a normal way of life!
Gerladina Smith